Whenever Sketch 17

Depression, life, blah , blah, I’m posting again and that’s what matters.


Whenever Sketch 16

Playing with 3D, my dinning room?

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Whenever Sketch 15

Sean Lannon
So the Weekly sketch I used to do is now a Whenever sketch because I really can’t promise weekly but I’ll try.
This week’s sketch (which is actually more of a finished piece features) my girlfriend Ashley.

I’m Back

This is my latest of the New Star Ship interior. There is so much more but rendering takes time.
Well I never really went any where but I had a few  huge projects I was trying out.

Whenever Sketch 14

Won’t be Updating my site as often, I’ve got some ambition to start a large project.
I will update though maybe bi-weekly.

Eccleston Tennant ERA TARDIS 2005-2010 version done

Well I’m never really done but for a long time I’m finished with this and moving on.

Whenever Sketch 13

by ResistNormal: Sean Lannonby ResistNormal: Sean Lannon
My experiment with combining my 2D drawing with my 3D work continues. The hand color version got overwritten by accident half way though. (Stupid mistake) So I rendered a full back ground with textures and everything at a print size and under laid it to make Some thing interesting. Character hand drawn, Photoshop colored, Back ground line art Photoshop modified ink & paint render in 3Ds Max, and under lay is a full render 3Ds Max

The Stan Lee Cup

Yes, I took the time to set up, model, and render a pun.
Sport are just not my thing, so I present to you the Stan Lee cup.

3D TARDIS composite test

I’m so excited this composite test came out so well for my 3D TARDIS build.
Can’t wait to post the final version.

Whenever Sketch 012

by ResistNormal: Sean Lannon
Yes I know, I only colored in Weekly Sketch 10 for this but that’s a lot of work too.
Plus working full time again 🙂 and doing a 3D level animation project project.